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Ahrons, E.L. Locomotives and Train Working in the Latter Part of the Nineteenth Century. Volume One. Great Northerm, Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire, Great Eastern, North eastern, Midland & Great Northern Joint & Hull & Barnsley Railways.   (hb) W. Heffer & Sons Ltd., c1950s, pp152. VG slight foxing, no dust jacket   £5

Ahrons, E.L. Locomotive & Train Working in the Latter Part of the Nineteenth Century. Volume Two.   London & North Western Railway, L&T, Midland, North Staffordshire Railway, Furness Railway, Maryport & Carlisle railway, North London Railway. (hb) Heffer, 1952, pp175. VG, slight foxing and 1st 2 pages are creased, owners name on inside front page, no dust jacket   £5

Ahrons, E.L. Locomotive & Train Working in the Latter Part of the Nineteenth Century. Volume Three. G&SWR, Caledonion Railway, North British Railway, Highland Railway, GNofSR. (hb) Heffer, 1952, pp113. VG, slight foxing, no dust jacket   £5

Ahrons, E.L. Locomotive & Train Working in the Latter Part of the Nineteenth Century.  Volume Five. SER, London, Chatham & Dover Railway, London & South Coast Railway, LSWR, S&DJR, Metropolitan & Metropolitan District Railways. (hb) Heffer, 1953, pp131. VG, slight foxing, no dust jacket  £5              

Ahrons, E.L. Locomotive & Train Working in the Latter Part of the Nineteenth Century.  Volume Five. SER, London, Chatham & Dover Railway, London & South Coast Railway, LSWR, S&DJR, Metropolitan & Metropolitan District Railways. Detailed articles on locomotive and train working by the respective companies.  Reprinting of original articles which covered the period 1917-1925.   (hb) Heffer, 1953, pp131. VG, VG   £10.00

Bignell, Philippa. Taking the Train. Railway Travel in Victorian Times.    Short illustrated history.    (pb) National railway Museum/Science Museum/HMSO, 1978, pp32, small landscapr format, isbn 0 11 290262 6.   VG   50p 


Cossons, Neil, Patmore, Allan & Shorland-Ball, Rob (edited by). Perspectives on Railway History and Interpretation. Essays to celebrate the work of Dr John Coiley at the National Railway Museum. A well produced work which includes essays on museum interpretation, a study of the many NRM collections and other aspects of railway history. National Railway Museum, 1992, pp166, large format, isbn 1 872826 01 6. F, VG £8.95  

Course, Edwin.  Railways Then and Now.  The Changing Railway Scene in Britain. This work looks in particular at the changed scene in the south of England, with approx. 55% of the images relating to this area.  Other locations include the Midlands, north of England, inc. Woodhead, Wales and Scotland.  An excellent and exceptionally researched work.  Batsford, 1983, pp168.  VG, VG   £4.50   

Early British Steam 1825-1925 The First Hundred Years.   Well illustrated book which explores the development of British steam from its lowly beginnings to the effects of World War 1.   (hb) Magna Books, 1992, pp94, large format, isbn 1 85422 320 8. VG, VG £1

Earnshaw, Alan. Two Centuries of Railways. British Railway History Volume 1. Limited edition copy of 1,000. Over view of railway history from primitive railways and wagonways, how they moved on from the canal era, expanded during the Industrial Revolution and Victorian era, Nationalisation, Beeching era through to Privatisation during the 1990s. Well illustrated. (pb) Nostalgia Road Publications Ltd., 2005, pp72, isbn 1 903016 64 9. VG £4.50

Ferneyhough, Frank.  Liverpool & Manchester Railway 1830-1980.  Foreword by Sir Peter Parker MVO, Chairman, British Railways Board. A well researched history of the origin and development of this world renowned line.  BCA/Robert Hale, 1980, pp193.  VG VG     £8.75   Signed

Ferneyhough, Frank. The History of Railways in Britain. Detailed history of steam power from the first steam pumping engine in 1698 through to the diesels of the 1970s. With chapters on the pioneers, railway builders, railway companies, classic locomotives and personalities and London Underground. Also contains detailed appendix and indexes. (hb) Osprey Publishing, 1975, pp288, isbn 0 85045 060 8. VG, VG price clipped £4.00

Forrester, Richard A. What was an Atmospheric Railway? Scarce publication. This system was invented in the 19th century and trains literally ran on air, a combination of partial vacuum and atmospheric pressure. This small booklet describes the system and also Starcross Pumping House. (card cover) Printed by daw Printers, pp8. VG £2

Garfield, Simon. The Last Journey of William Huskisson. How a day of triumph became a day of despair at the turn of a wheel. Huskisson, a great supporter of the L&M was killed in 1830. This tells the story of the man, his involvement in the L&M, along with his death. Faber & Faber, 2002, pp244, isbn 0 571 21048 1. VG, VG   £5.95   

Gordon, W.J. Our Home Railways. How They Began and How They Are Worked.   Volume Two. A beautifully reproduced work dealing with five English main line companies - LNWR, GWR, NER, L&Y, GCR and the five Scottish companies. All of which were at the period of the greatest expansion and efficiency. A richly illustrated volume with some pull out locomotive illustrations. Ian Allan, circa 1965, pp248. VG, G   (dust jacket 2 repaired tears and 1 inch portion missing at bottom of spine)    £6.50   

Harris, Nigel & Holley, Mel (edited by). Steel Wheels. Britain's Railways 1825-2000. Produced in association with Virgin Trains, this celebrates 175 years of railways, from its development to pointing the way to the future. With many b/w and colour photographs, there are also sections on signalling, safety, freight and preservation. (pb) emapactive, 2000, pp98, large format magazine style. VG £0.50

Hennessey, R.A.S. Railways. Past into Present Series. Illustrated with 64 b/w photos this looks at the development of railways from the 1800s, effects on town planning and urban growth, and through war time. (hb) Batsford, 1973, pp96, isbn 0 7134 1788 9. VG, VG £1.50

Hewitt, H.J. The Building of the Railways in Cheshire. Down to 1860. The railway has played a major role in the development of Cheshire. This tells of the early years, the frictions, personalities, engineering difficulties and triumphs. (hb) E.J. Moreton Publishers, 1972, pp66, pull out map, isbn 0 901598 43 7. VG, G (some wear to dust jacket)   £6.00 

Kite, J.E.  Vintage Steam.  A selection of pre-grouping images with detailed captions.  (hb) Ian Allan, 1969, pp104, isbn 0 7110 0117 0.  VG, VG  price clipped £2 

Lamb, David R.  Modern Railway Operation. Pitman's Transport Library. A study work produced for railway employees showing all facets of railway activity. A serious and comprehensive work.  (hb) Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd., 1927, pp169 + 28 pages of Pitman's business handbooks list.    VG, P. (book is complete and very good for age, dust jacket is showing signs of age but is virtually complete with a few tears and browning)    £3 

Lee, Charles E. The Centenary of "Bradshaw". A seldom seen celebration of "Bradshaw". (stiff board cover with green cloth spine edge)    The Railway Gazette, 1940, pp48. VG   (some foxing to page edges/inside cover)   £15.95  

Linsley, Robin. Railways in Camera 1860 - 1913. Archive photographs of the great age of steam from the Public Records Office.    (hb) Budding Books, 2000, pp244, glazed boards, isbn 1 84015 109 9. VG £4 

Lloyd, David & Insall, Donald.  Railway Station Architecture.  The railway station is important both as a facet of architecture and as a major feature in British social history.  Lloyd and Insall select a number of station for consideration, across the whole of the network.  An authoritative short volume.  (pb)  David & Charles, 1978, pp60.  F, VG     £3.95

Pre-Grouping Railway Junction Diagrams 1914.   Volume containing full page reprints of the Railway Junction Diagrams covering many locations. (hb) Ian Allan, pp158, landscape format, glazed boards, isbn 0 7110 1256 3. VG £10 

Pre-Grouping Railway Junction Diagrams 1914. An exceptional volume (reprint) of the Railway Junction Diagrams covering many locations. (hb) Ian Allan, pp158, landscape format, glazed boards, isbn 0 7110 1256 3. VG £14.00 

Ransom, P.J.G.  The Archaeology of Railways. A thorough study of the development of railways in the UK and their architectural heritage written by a highly respected author.  A recommended purchase.  (pb)  World's Work Ltd., 1981, pp304, large format.  VG    £4.95   

Ransom, P.J.G. The Victorian Railway and How it Evolved.   This comprehensive book is well researched and contains 47 illustrations, and fully describes a vital period in railway history.   (hb) Heinemann, 1990, pp276, isbn 0 434 98083 8.   G, G+ (some binding damage)   Ex-Library   50p

Robbins, Michael. Points and Signals. A Railway Historian at Work. A respected book which considers many facets of railways and the key features of the railway historian's craft. George Allen & Unwin, 1967, pp256. VG, VG (some edge wear to dust jacket)   £8.95  

Rocket 150.  150thAnniversary of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway 1830 - 1980  Official Handbook. A highly detailed volume with maps, archive photographs, then and now images and a photographic list of participants in the celebrations.  (glossy card cover)  BR, LMR in association with Avon-Anglia Publications & Services, 1980, pp84.  VG   £1  

Simpson, C.R.H. The Rainhill Locomotive Trials. The story of a contest, the outcome of which was to revolutionize transport in every continent. Well illustrated story of the these trials. (glossy card cover) Rainhill Trials Celebrations Committee, 1979, pp44, large landscape format. VG £1

Spence, Jeoffry (introduction and commentaries by).  Victorian and Edwardian Railways from old Photographs. The volume looks at images of social/human in addition to technical interest.  There are sections on staff and uniforms, track construction, goods services, hotels and refreshments, stations, locomotives and rolling stock.  A splendid work with well reproduced images.   Batsford Ltd., 1984, 155 plates.    VG, VG  £3.95   

Spence, Jeoffry.  Victorian and Edwardian Railway Travel from old photographs. An interesting selection of early photographs showing locomotives, people and infrastructure.  Batsford Ltd., 1977, 144 b/w photographs.  VG, VG   £4.75

The Route of the Shrewsbury & Hereford Railway, Described and Illustrated, Being an Historical and General Handbook including Descriptions of the various Towns, Churches, Castles, Gentlemans Seats and other remarkable Objects; The Distances from One Station to Another, Etc Etc., With a Map of the Railway. Published by Edward J Partridge, Leominister. This publication is a limited edition and has been reproduced in facsimile from the original printing and design. (spiral bound glossy card cover) Salop County Library, pp76, isbn 0 9500739 8 9. VG £5.00

The Stephenson Locomotive Society. Railway Progress 1909 - 1959. Jubilee Year Publication Volume One. Illustrated, comprehensive study of the technical advances of the various locomotives of the big four railway companies, BR, Irish and Overseas locomotives, steam, diesel and electric traction covered.   (pb) The Stephenson Locomotive Society, circa 1959, pp139.   VG (some slight foxing) £3

Thomas, R H G. The Liverpool & Manchester Railway. This is possibly the best work on the first 20 years of the L&M, up to its amalgamation with the Grand Junction Railway in 1845. A scholarly work with 122 b/w illustrations. Batsford, 1980, pp264, isbn 0 7134 0537 6. F, VG   £12.95 

Tuplin, W.A.  British Steam since 1900.  This work covers the technical development of British steam locomotives post 1900.  Within the annexes are graded performances of locomotives, coal consumption and an analysis of average mileage between general repairs.  (hb) David & Charles, 1969, pp200, isbn 0 7153 4326 2.    VG, G large inscription on front blank page and wear to dust jacket)   £5    

Webster, Norman W. Britain's First Trunk Line. The Grand Junction Railway. A well illustrated historical study. (hb) Adams & Dart, 1972, pp196, 49 plates, isbn 0 239 00105 2. VG, VG (slight sunning to spine) price clipped £10.00 

Williamson, J.W. Railways To-Day.   A look at the railway industry up to time of publication, including track, locomotives and rolling stock, signalling, traffic control, tunnels and bridges and more.   (hb) Oxford University Press, 1942, pp160.   G, P   (some faxing and dust jacket has wear and tears)    £2

Young, J.A. Main Line to Bournemouth 1885 - 88. No. 677. This outlines the efforts made for improvements and improved services between 1876 and 1888 on the line and eventually brought about a main line service to the capital. (card cover) Bournemouth Local Studies Publications, 1985, pp36, isbn 0 906287 58 8. VG £4.00