List of books for sale just for the Diesel and Electric Enthusiast.

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Allen, Cecil J., Fiennes, G.F., Ford, Roger, Haresnape, B.A. & Perrin, Brian. The Deltics A Symposium. Comprehensive book dealing with the origin and performance of the Deltics. Well illustrated. Ian Allan, 2nd edition 1978, pp79, isbn 0 7110 0799 3. VG, VG £3

Allen, Geoffrey Freeman. The Fastest Trains in the World. This book was the first comprehensive serious account of all world railway speed records attained from 1900 to the late 1970s. Well illustrated with b/w photos and many maps, diagrams and technical data.  (hb) Ian Allan, 1978, pp160, large format, isbn 0 7110 0889 2. VG, VG (covered inscription on front blank page) £2

Allen, Geoffrey Freeman. The World's Fastest Trains - From the Age of Steam to the TGV. 2ndedition.An authoritative account of 100mph-+ rail travel in the 20thCentury. Through a thorough analysis it considers the technological advances across Europe and North America. In the UK particular attention is given to the development of the APT/HST and the many technological and operational challenges. Extensively illustrated. Patrick Stephens Ltd., 1992, pp192. VG, VG £7.95

Allen, Geoffrey Freeman. The Yeoman 59s. Jane's Rail Special. Prepared with assistance from Foster Yeoman/General Motors, this is a well illustrated study of the origin and operation of this class of loco. Illustrated with 40 b/w and 12 colour photographs.  (hb) Jane's, 1987, pp64, landscape format glazed boards, isbn 0 7106 0452 1. VG £3

Ballantyne, Hugh. The Colour of British Rail Vol. 2 - West Coast Main Line. Britain's first 25Kv Main Line. Great photographs of first generation electric and diesel stock at work on the WCML. (glossy card cover) Atlantic, 1989, pp48, isbn 0 906899 32 X. VG £0.50

Balmforth, John. Virgin Trains - A Decade of Progress. Foreword by Sir Richard Branson. (hb) Illustrated with colour photos this is the story of the origin and development of the Virgin train network of services. Annexes contain details of fleet stock, technical specifications, key facts and the record breaking high speed run of September 2006. Ian Allan, 2007, pp96, large format glazed boards, isbn 0 7110 3224 8. F £8

Beard, Tony. By Tube Beyond Edgware.   Complete record of the planned extension of the Northern Line in the 1930s and its failure to be realised.   (hb) Capital Transport, 2002, pp136, matt colour board, isbn 185414 246 1.   VG   £9

BR Class 56 Diesels. Alan Brooke Baylis edited with additional material by Michael Oakley. A well illustrated study of the origin, operation and performance of the class. (card cover) Bradford Barton, 1982, pp32, isbn 0 85153 448 1. VG (some damage to front top corner & rusted staple) £1

BR Class 56 Diesels. Alan Brooke Baylis edited with additional material by Michael Oakley. A well illustrated study of the origin, operation and performance of the class. (pb) Bradford Barton, 1982, pp32, isbn 0 85153 448 1. VG (rusted staples) £2

British Rail (Southern Region). Electrified Lines instructions (Direct Current System). B.R, 29857. Waterloo Station, 7thNovember, 1966 (1.89850). pp147. G blue cloth cover with red lettering, front faded and some wear to edges. £2.50

British Railways Extracts From Working Instructions For AC Electrified Lines, 1967. (card cover) 1967, pp54. VG £0.95

British Railways London Midland Region. A.C. Electrified Lines. Working Instructions, July 1960. B.R.31170. BRLMR, 1960, pp131, 1 map + 16 pages of appendix, orange cloth bound. VG (BR employee inscription on inside front cover, dated July 1962) £2.95

British Railways. Working Instructions for A.C. Electrified Lines 1967. BR29987, with 1972 updates. VG green cloth cover £2.00

Buckingham, David. Britain Advances. Fast Train to Town. A good copy of this well illustrated wartime small book, which showed the many electric train innovations. (pb) Published for The British Council by Longmans Green & Co., 1944, pp32. VG for age with some wear to cover. £2

Butlin, Ashley. Diesels & Electrics for Scrap. Volume 1. The withdrawal and scrapping of the British Rail modern traction fleet. Well illustrated study looking at reasons for withdrawal, locos in store, early period disposals, and roles of private scrap yards and BREL. Also looks at Vic Berry's Leicester graveyard. (pb) Atlantic, 1988, unpaginated, isbn 0 906899 27 3. VG £4

Chalcraft, John. Named Diesel and Electric Locomotives of British Rail - Part 3. The 50's - English Electric 2700 HP Diesel Electrics. Excellent b/w photographs with detailed captions of the class hard at work. (pb) Rail Photoprints, 1981, pp 38, isbn 0 906883 03 2. VG £2.50

Clough, David N. Class 50s in Operation. Detailed operational history of the class, well illustrated with numerous b/w photographs and class details. (hb) Ian Allan, 2004, pp160, isbn 0 7110 2971 7. F, VG £10.50

Clough, David N. & Becket, Martin. BR Motive Power Performance. Illustrated with numerous heritage traction photographs this book is a comprehensive examination of the subject of train timing and motive power performance. (pb) Ian Allan, 1988, pp128, isbn 0 7110 11718 2. VG £1

Cooper, B. K. British Rail Handbook. A detailed small handbook looking at all facets of diesel traction, electric traction, signalling and PW innovations. Ian Allan, 1982, pp176, isbn 0 7110 1027 7. VG £2.00

Cooper, B.K. Electric Trains and Locomotives. An infrequently seen work which considers the technology that was used for developing the different systems. Illustrated with b/w photos and diagrams. (hb) Leonard Hill Limited, 1stedition 1953, pp113, 72 figs. VG, G (some wear to dust jacket)   £5

Cooper, B.K. Locomotive Profile Class 33 'Cromptons'. Detailed study of these versatile locomotives which performed well over a wide range of duties. Contains b/w and colour photos and diagrams. Ian Allan, 1990, pp96, landscape format glazed boards, isbn 0 7110 1894 4. VG £5.95

Cooper, Basil K. Inside a Diesel Locomotive. Inside Stories 4. Detailed study of diesel locomotives and how they work, illustrated with many drawings. (hb) Ian Allan, 1964, pp62, glazed boards. VG £3.50

Cooper-Smith, J.H. British Rail Album No 1 North & East. B/w and colour photos with detailed captions. (hb) Ian Allan, 1975, pp80, isbn 0 7110 0614 8. VG, VG £5.50

Darby, Mark, Higgins, Paul, Higson, Neil and Kenny, Adrian. A Decade of Change. With more than 130 colour images, featuring more than 20 different classes of locos and units in various liveries, this portrays the modern scene at the beginning of the 21stcentury. (hb) Ian Allan, 2008, pp128, large landscape format, isbn 0 7110 3310 8. F, VG £11.00

Davies, W.J.K. Diesel Rail Traction. An illustrated history of diesel locomotives, rail-cars and trains. A profusely illustrated book about diesel trains in the UK, Europe and America, covering over 75 years of dramatic technological development; with many photos, drawings and 16 colour plates. (pb) Almark Publications, 1973, pp104, isbn 0 85524 129 2. VG £3.00

Evans, R.K. Diesel Superpower Around the World.One of the lesser known albums showing the diesels noteworthy of power, speed or technical innovation across the world, covering three decades. (hb) Bradford Barton, 1978, pp96, isbn 0 85153 212 8. VG, VG (repaired tear to dust jacket) £4

Forsythe, H.G. Men of the Diesels. Driving and Servicing British Rail's Diesel Fleet.   (pb) Atlantic, 1989, unpaginated, isbn 0 9068999 31 1.   VG   £1

Fowler, P.J. DMUs Countrywide.   (hb) Bradford Barton, 1976, pp96, isbn 0 85153 238 1. VG, no dust jacket   £2

Fox, Peter. British Railways Pocket Book No. 3 DMU & Light Rail Systems. 14th edition 2001.   The complete guide to all Diesel Multiple Units which operate on Railtrack network plus the Rolling Stock of Light Rail & Metro Systems (excluding London Underground).   (pb) Platform 5, 2000, pp80, isbn 1 902336 17 8.   VG    £1

Fox, Peter & Webster, Neil. British rail Pocket Book No. 2 Multiple Unit Pocket Book 3rd edition February 1982.   Contains neat underlining in ink. (pb) Platform 5, 1982, pp80, isbn 0 906579 19 8.   G+   50p 


Gibbons, David. BR Equipment. Drawings from Railnews 'Stockspot'. A brilliant book packed with drawings, photos, technical data and much more. Covering both electric and diesel locomotives, DMUs, BR coaches, Railfreight, signalling and even a section on the APT! (pb) Ian Allan, 1986, pp96, large landscape format, isbn 0 7110 1609 7. VG £5

Gilks, John Spencer. Dawn of the Diesels 1956-66 part 2. First-generation diesel locomotives and units captured by the camera of John Spencer Gilks, edited by Mike Esau. Silver Link Publishing, 1998, pp96, large format, isbn 1 85794 110 1. F, VG £7 

Glover, John. British Electric Trains in Camera.B/w album featuring first generation EMU locomotives and units. Ian Allan, 1982, pp128. VG, VG £3

Glover, John. London's Branch Railways.London's railway network still includes a vast array of branch lines. John Glover covers all of these with a mix of archive and modern (1970s, 80s &90s) images. The authoritative volume. Ian Allan, 1999, pp128, large format. F, F £6.95

Gough, John. British Rail at Work: East Midlands. Well illustrated study of the stations, services, locomotives and rolling stock around the East Midlands network. (hb) Ian Allan, 1985, pp128, large format, isbn 0 7110 1521 X. VG, VG (some wear to dust jacket edges + repaired tear) £6.50

Hardy, Brian. Paris Metro Handbook. A detailed study of the Metro and its stock. (pb) Capital Transport Publishing, 1988, pp104, isbn 185414 104 X. VG £2.50

Haresnape, Brian. British Rail Fleet Survey 4: Production Diesel-Electric Types 1-3. Revised by S R Batty. Copiously illustrated with super photographs, technical details and line drawings and close ups of each of the 11 classes considered. (card cover) Ian Allan, 2nd edition 1989, pp80, large format, isbn 0 7110 1860 X. VG £6 

Haresnape, Brian. British Rail Fleet Survey 9: Diesel Multiple Units. The Second Generation and DEMUs. A very thorough study with line drawings, technical details and numerous photographs. (card cover) 1986, pp80, large format, isbn 0 7110 1604 6. VG £8

Haresnape, Brian. British Rail Fleet Survey 9: Diesel Multiple Units. The Second Generation and DEMUs. (pb) 1986, pp80, large format, isbn 0 7110 1604 6. VG, edge wear to cover    £3

Haresnape, Brian & Swain, Alec. British Rail Fleet Survey 10: Third Rail dc Electric Multiple Units. A comprehensive photographic and technical survey with many line drawings and numerous close ups. (pb) Ian Allan, 1989, pp96, large format, isbn 0 7110 1760 3. VG £8.50

Harris, Ken. World Electric Locomotives. A brilliant, well illustrated country by country survey of electric locomotives, from Algeria to Zaire. A must for the electric/modern traction enthusiast. Jane's, 1981, pp160, isbn 0 531 03728 1. F, VG £5.75

Haut, F.J.G. The Mechanical Layout of Electric Locomotives with Wheel Arrangements C-C and B-B-B. Scarce Illustrated with b/w photos and diagrams. Sold together with a 4 page article by the author on Co-Co electric locomotives of British Railways used on the Woodhead Route. (hb) The International Railway Congress Association in Brussels, pp37. G £15 Scarce

Heaps, Chris. London Transport Railways Album.   Mainly b/w photo album containing 165 photos with detailed captions telling the story of development, rolling stock, architecture, décor and posters.   (hb)   Ian Allen, 1978, pp 96, isbn 0 7110 0859 0.   Vg, VG   £5

Hodgson, Phil, Webster, Neil & Wormald, Philip (series edited by). European Report. European Loco Pocket Book. 1990 edition. Volume 1 - France, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands. This is the 1st volume in the series of 3 pocket size books intended to be a guide to the locomotives of the railways of Western Europe. Contains many b/w photos. (pb) Metro Enterprises, 1990, pp144, isbn 0 947773 17 7. VG £0.50

Jackson, Alan A. Inside Underground Railways. Inside Stories 1. Detailed study of underground trains, power supply, operation and signalling, illustrated with drawings. (hb) Ian Allan, 1964, pp64, glazed boards. VG £3.50

Johnston, Howard (compiled by). Preserved BR Diesel and Electric Traction Handbook.This work by modern traction enthusiast Howard Johnston set the scene for works that were to follow. Over 135 locomotives and units are covered each with a photograph and full page narrative. A highly recommended work which also includes ex BR shunters. (pb) Jane's Transport Press, 1987, pp143. VG £1.99

Johnston, Howard & Knight, Steven. Today's Railways Review of the Year, Volume1. A comprehensive review of all major railway events in 1987 encompassing all five BR operating sectors plus light rail and preservation. Photographs from top railway photographers plus lists of BR stock changes. (hb)    Platform 5, 1988, pp144, large format, isbn 0 906579 82 1.   VG, VG £1 

Jolly, Stephen & Bayman, Bob. Docklands Light Railway. Official Handbook 1987. This is the first official account of this Light Railway, it has been prepared around a series of topics rather than as a chapter by chapter account. Illustrated with b/w photos, maps and diagrams. (pb) Capital Transport, 1986, pp64, isbn 0 904711 80 3. VG £3.25

Jordan, Frank W (edited by). Wisconsin Central Limited. 1987-1996 Photo Archive. Wisconsin Central Limited began rail operations in October 1987 with a ragtag collection of equipment and 2,068 miles of former Soo Line tracks, it became one of America's most successful regional railroads. Contains introduction and full page b/w photographs with captions. (pb) Iconografix, 1997, pp128, landscape format, isbn 1 882256 75 1. VG £7.95