Books for sale (alphabetical by author)

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All books are hardback unless otherwise stated, paperback (pb), card cover.

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Bassett-Lowke Railways. A Commemorative Edition. This is No. 2765 of a special limited edition of 5,000 to commemorate the company's participation in Flying Scotsman's tour of the U.S.A. 1969. A delightful work with well reproduced catalogue images and data. Bassett-Lowke (Railways) Limited, pp136, large landscape format. VG black cloth cover with gold spine and lettering, contained in card slipcase. £19.95

Bassett-Lowke, W J. The Model Railway Handbook. A Practical Guide to the Installation of a Model Railway. Nineth Edition (Completely Revised and Rewritten). A rare wartime survivor in very good condition, of this classic work. Illustrated with crisp b/w photographs and 40 figs. (Stiff board cover with red cloth spine edge) Bassett-Lowke Limited, 1940, pp150, 40 figs. VG £13.95

Beal, Edward. Edward Beal's Railway Modelling Series. Book Two - Layout and Survey. Comprehensive study illustrated with many diagrams. (pb) Modelcraft Ltd., 1950, pp72. G (some edge wear to cover and tape down spine edge) £1

Carter, Ernest. The Boys' Book of Model Railways. This looks at the basics of model railways, complete with b/w photos and drawings. (hb) Burke Publishing Ltd., 1961, pp144. VG, no dust jacket. £1

Carter, Ernest F. The Model Railway Encyclopaedia. The scarce and iconic work on the subject is exceptionally detailed with 459 figs, and a host of technical data. Burke Publishing Co., Ltd, 1950, pp496, pull out loco diagram chart. G, no dust jacket. (Book complete but with some foxing to pages and spine damage) £9.95

Chadwick, K. Model Railway Locomotive Building on the Cheap! An alternative to kit-building - how to convert ready-to-run models into unavailable classes or unusual variants. (pb) Silver Link, 2007, pp1`28, isbn 1 85794 289 7. VG   £3

Doherty, Douglas (edited by) Model Railways Locomotive Album. This lovely work is a compendium of photographs and articles of great interest to the modeller and historian. To be recommended for the modeller of UK scenes. Model & Allied Publications Ltd., 1971, pp112. VG, VG £2.95

Dow, George. World Locomotive Models.A seldom seen book looking at loco model development across the world. Adams and Dart/Jupiter Books 1973, pp168, 252 photographs, 16 colour plates, isbn 0 239 00135 4. VG, VG £10.95

Ellis, Chris. Modelling BR Today. Well illustrated look at modelling the BR era, the locomotives and rolling stock, locations and operations. (pb) Ian Allan, 1984, pp56, large format, isbn 0 7110 1375 6. VG £1

Essery, Bob. Photographs by Tony Wright. British Railway Modelling. A Century of Progress. A detailed study of the origin and development of modeling, the adoption of specific standards and the significant technical changes that allowed highly precise modeling. (card cover) A British Railway Modelling Publication, 2000, pp82, large format. F £2

Essery, Bob. Railway Signalling and Track Plans.   Well illustrated with b/w photos and drawings. (pb) Ian Allan, 2007, pp112, large format, isbn 978 0 7110 3215 6.   VG   £12

Foster, Michael. The Hornby Companion Series Vol 3. Hornby Dublo Trains. Hornby Dublo 1938-1964 The story of the perfect table railway. Including additional 16 page full colour section as commissioned by the Hornby Railway Collectors Association. Complete history of Hornby Dublo 1938-1964, including every known production item, also those planned but never introduced. Contains 632 photographs and diagrams including 83 in full colour. (hb) New Cavendish Books, 2001, pp432, large landscape format, isbn 0 904568 18 0. F, VG £24.00

Foster, Michael. Hornby Dublo Trains. (hb) Guild Publishing/New Cavendish Books, 1987, pp416, large landscape format. G+ some marks and wear to cover, no dust jacket   £12

Freezer, C J. Model Railways. The complete guide to designing, building and operating a model layout. A comprehensive step by step guide to choosing an appropriate gauge through to building and developing the layout. BCA/Quintet, 1994, pp96, large format. VG, VG £2

Freezer, C.J. Track Plans.   Contains plans for various sizes of layouts. (pb) Peco, 4th impression 1969, pp32.   VG   £1

Freezer, C J. Wiring Your Layout. Railway Modeller Shows You How Booklet No. 1. (paper cover) Peco, c1974, pp8. VG £1.00

Geary, Jeff. Wiring the Layout. Introducing Trax. A book looking at the 'electrics' of railway modelling. Although the book should come with a cd, which is missing, the cd is not essential as the book includes illustrations and explanations to Traz system which the author has designed and tested over a number of years. (pb) KRB Publications, 2002, pp56, large format, isbn 0954203550. VG £1

Hammond, Pat (compiled by). Ramsay's British Model Trains Catalogue, 4thedition. The authoritative work on the subject, complete with product references, issue quantities, and indicative prices. (pb) Swapmeet Publications, 2004, pp260. VG £5.00

Joyce, J. Collectors Guide to Model Railways. Well illustrated look at the origin and growth of commercial model railways, the leading producers and their products. (hb) Model & Allied Publications, 1977, pp140, isbn 0 85242 529 5. VG, G+ (some wear to duct jacket) £3

Kazer, Peter. Narrow Gauge Railway Modelling.   (pb) Wild Swan, 2001, pp124, large format, isbn 1 874103 68 2. VG some wear to cover   £14

Kichenside, G M. & Williams, Alan. Ian Allan ABC Model Railways. A very scarce work which considers all facets of model railways and their construction. Produced in the abc series. (pb) Ian Allan, 3rdedition 1962, pp72. VG £8.00

Kohler, Simon. Hornby 00 Scale Model Railways Fiftieth Anniversary Edition 2004. Limited edition hardback Hornby catalogue in black slip case, celebrating 50 years of catalogues. (hb) Hornby, R8108A, 2004, pp136, large format. F Red cloth cover, with black slip case. £20.00

Lloyd-Jones, David. An Introduction to Modelling The Isle of Man Railway. A 'British Railway Modelling' Special Publication.   Illustrated with b/w and colour photos and drawings looking at all aspects of the Isle of Man Railway (locos, wagons, wagons,station buildings, liveries etc).   (pb)  Warners Group, 1996, pp64, large format, isbn 0 9514144 3 7.   VG   £10

Lovett, Dennis & Wood, Leslie. Cade's Locomotive Guide.   Comprehensive directory of 00 and H0 scale British Outline. Contains a wealth of info and technical data on the locos listed, with b/w photos and adverts.   (pb) Marwain Publishing, 1980, pp168, isbn 0 905377 07 9.   VG   50p

Lovett, Dennis & Wood, Leslie. Cade's Locomotive Guide Volume Two.   A further selection of locos for the railway modeller available in 00 and N gauge. Contains a wealth of info and technical data on the locos listed, with b/w photos and adverts.   (pb) Marwain Publishing, 1981, pp168, isbn 0 905377 11 7.   VG   50p

Marsh, Hugo. Christie's Toy Railways. With contributions by Pierce Carlson. Written by the head of Christie's toy and train department, this tells the story of the origin and development of toy railways through Marklin, Hornby, Bing, Lionel, and Bassett Lowke, amongst others. Lavishly illustrated with over 200 photographs, this book is a pleasure to read and study. Pavilion, 2002, pp192, large format, isbn 1 86205 525 4. F, VG £16.95

Minns, J.E. Model Railway Engines. Illustrated with 120 b/w and colour photos this looks at early model railway engines.   (hb) Octopus Books, 1973, pp97, glazed boards, isbn 0 7064 0047 X.   G Ex-Library   50p

Model Railway Constructor Special 1. Planning and basic data. Well illustrated guide for the beginner in railway modelling. (pb) Ian Allan, 1982, pp48, large format, isbn 0 7110 1180 X. VG (marked Ian Allan soiled but not so) £1

Model Railway Handbook. 1968. Prepared by the Staff of Model Railway News for the benefit of railway modellers. Lovely handbook with scale/gauges, electrification methods and trade guide. (paper cover) Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., 1968, pp68. VG £0.50

Model Railway Exhibition 1961. The Model Railway Club's 36th. April 4th-8th1961. Central Hall, Westminster. Official Guide. A collection of railway models presented by members with support of associated clubs and societies. A stand by stand survey including many b/w photographs and layout diagrams. (paper cover) The Model Railway Club, 1961, pp66. VG £0.50

Model Railway Exhibition 24-28 April1962. The Model Railway Club's 37thExhibition. Handbook & Guide. A stand by stand survey including many b/w photographs and layout diagrams. (paper cover) The Model Railway Club, 1962, pp54. VG (red) £0.50

National Model Railway Exhibition. March 31st-April 4th 1970, Central Hall, Westminster. Handbook and Guide. A stand by stand survey including many b/w photographs and layout diagrams. (paper cover) The Model Railway Club, 1970, pp58. VG £0.50

Payne, Ken. One Man's Railway. A lifetime of modelling. Story of one mans interest in model railways and the layouts he built, illustrated with photos and drawings. (pb) Peco Publications, 1989, pp60, isbn 0 900586 20 6. VG £2

Pilton, Chris. Cottage Modelling for Pendon. Comprehensive study looking at the techniques of modelling cottages and out buildings. Well illustrated. (pb) Wild Swan, 1987, pp92, large format, isbn 0 906867 57 6. VG £10

Ray, Jack. A Lifetime with '0' Gauge. Crewchester - And Others. Written by the first president/chairman of the gauge 0 guild, this is a highly repected and much sought garden railway volume. (pb) Pendragon/Atlantic, 1992, pp84, large format, isbn 0 906899 54 0. VG £3

Ray, Jack. A Lifetime with '0' Gauge. Crewchester - And Others. Signed copy Written by the first president/chairman of the gauge 0 guild, this is autobiography and a look at his modelling activities over 40 years. Well illustrated. (pb) Pendragon/Atlantic, 1992, pp84, large format, isbn 0 906899 54 0. VG £5 Signed

Rice, Iain. Locomotive Kit Chassis Construction in 4mm. An exceptionally detailed work with many illustrations and figs. (pb) Wild Swan, 1993, pp158, large format, isbn 1 874103 10 0. VG     (some wear to page edges and cover)    £9

Salisbury, David. Toy Trains 1920-1940. Shire Album 255. Well illustrated short study of early models, including Bassett-Lowke, Trix Twin, Hornby Gauge 0 and Hornby Dublo. (pb) Shire Publications, 1994, pp32, isbn 0 7478 0087 1. VG (small corner crease to cover) £2

Shackleton, Tim. Plastic-Bodied Locos. Signed copy  The author describes how a ready-to-run model can be upgraded and detailed as a specific locomotive. A detailed work with much technical info and well illustrated.   (pb) Wild Swan, 1999, pp164, large format, isbn 1 874103 52 6.   VG £23 signed copy

Simmons, Norman. Railway Modelling. Practical book which considers layout planning, track laying, electrical equipment, scenery, locomotives, carriages and wagons and operating your layout. (hb) Patrick Stephens Ltd., 1988 6thedition, pp288, isbn 1 85260 057 8. VG, VG price clipped £4.50

Starting in Scale 00. Small booklet covering layout design, baseboard construction, track laying, wiring, scenery and locomotives and rolling stock. (card cover) Peco Publications, 3rd revised edition February 1968, pp32, isbn 0 900586 08 7. VG £0.50

Starting in Scale 00. A Peco Publication.   Covers baseboard construction, tracklaying, wiring, scenery and locos and rolling stock. (pb) peco, 3rd edition 1968, pp32, isbn 0 900586 08 7.   VG   50p

Ward, Arthur. Airfix. Celebrating 50 Years of the World's Greatest Plastic Kits.   (hb) Harper Collins, 1999, pp192, large format, isbn 000 472327 9.   VG some marks to cover, no dust jacket   £3

Waterman, Pete. A Train is for Life. Contains 350 close up colour photos of steam and diesel locomotive models that Pete Waterman has in his collection, each with short description. (hb) Ian Allan, 2008, pp160, large landscape format, isbn 0 7110 3251 3. VG, VG (slight edge wear to dust jacket) £8

Williams, R. Guy. The 4mm Engine. A Scratchbuilder's Guide. (pb) Wild Swan, 1988, pp110, large format, isbn 0 906867 70 3.   VG   £4