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Adley, Robert. To China for Steam.  Well illustrated with colour photos, this looks at the railways of China. (hb)  Blandford Press, 1983, pp153, isbn 0 7137 1344 5.    VG, VG    £1   

Allen, G. Freeman. Railways The World Over. Well illustrated look at locomotives of Britain and Europe, their design and construction. Signals and safety and also British freight traffic are covered. (hb) Ian Allan, pp128, large format. G (some foxing to front/back blank pages) no dust jacket cloth cover has some white marks on. 50p

Allen, Geoffrey Freeman. The World's Fastest Trains. From the Age of Steam to the TGV. This book was the first comprehensive serious account of all world railway speed records attained from 1900 to the late 1970s. Well illustrated in largely b/w with many maps, diagrams and technical data. (hb) Patrick Stephens Ltd., 2nd edition 1992, pp192, isbn 1 85260 380 1. VG, VG (some wear to dust jacket edges) £2

Anderson, Elaine. The Central Railroad of New Jersey's First 100 Years. A historical survey. Well illustrated detailed study. (pb) Center for Canal History & Technology, 1984, pp238, large format, isbn 0 930973 00 3. VG £20

Bairstow, Martin. Railways in the Austrian Tirol.   Well illustrated study. (pb) Published by author, 1994, pp80, isbn 1 871944 10 4.   VG   £2 

Bonsor, N.R.P. The Jersey Railway (J.R. & T.). The Railways of the Channel Islands (Volume One). Oakwood Library of Railway History 58. Well illustrated history. (pb) Oakwood Press, second reprint 1986, pp87, isbn 0 85361 344 3. VG £7.00

Chant, Christopher. The World's Railways. The History and Development of Rail Transport. S. Webb & Son Distributors Ltd.(Anglesey), 2002, pp447. VG, G £2.50

Coo, Bill. Scenic Rail Guide to Western Canada. Well illustrated guide to some of the rail routes in Western Canada. (pb) Greey de Pencier Books, 1985, pp192, isbn 0 920775 14 4. VG 50p

Durrant, A.E. Garratt Locomotives of the World. Well illustrated work from the acknowledged expert on Garratt locomotives. The volume contains outline diagrams, class lists, builders details/ numbers and the location of every Garratt that was functioning. (hb) David & Charles, 1981, pp207, large format, isbn 0 7153 7641 1. VG, VG (some edge wear to dust jacket) £7

Edmonson, Harold, photographs by Victor Hand. World Steam in Action. When this book of super b/w photographs was put together global travel was a novelty. The book has 4 sections covering; the Americas, Japan and Australasia, Africa and India and Europe. The photographs embrace the power and beauty of the steam locomotive from the Garratts through to the more humble locomotives of West Germany. (hb) Ian Allan, 1970, pp160, large format. VG, VG £3

Evans, R.K. Diesel Superpower Around the World. B/w photo album with detailed captions. (hb) Bradford Barton, 1978, pp96, isbn 0 85153 212 8. VG, G (repaired tear to front of dust jacket) £4.00

Frayn, Michael, Kennedy, Ludovic, Kingston, Miles, Palin, Michael, Robson, Eric, Thompson, Brian & Wood, Michael. Great Railway Journeys of the World. A lavishly illustrated travel log. A work which all enthusiasts and lovers of train travel should read. BBC, 1981, pp192. VG, VG £3.00

Garratt, Colin. China's Railways. Steaming into a new age. One of the lesser known PSL volumes. Garratt captures the powerful beauty of the locomotives and the vast extent of the Chinese railway network. Stunning photographs of steam hard at work in the industrial heartlands. Patrick Stephens Limited, 1988, pp144. F, F £3.75

Garratt, Colin. Locomotives. An A-Z of the world's greatest trains from 1950-2000, including history, design, makers and specifications, with 350 photographs.
Comprehensive history of global locomotive technology from the 1950s to the present day. Contains more than 350 colour photos with detailed specifications for 55 key locomotive designs. (pb) Lorenz Books, 2004, pp128, isbn 0 7548 1449 1. F 50p

Gibson, M. Allen. Train Time. Nostaglic glimpses of a Wolfville boyhood during which train watching was a happy pastime. Illustrated with photographs by the author. A lovely well illustrated reminiscence of a railway based childhood in Canada. (card cover) Lancelot Press, 1973, pp47. VG (inscription on fly leaf)  50p

Graham, Allan. A Photo History of the Prince Island Railway. Scarce. This is a wonderfully illustrated history of the Prince Edward Island Railway and its successor, Canadian National Railways. It provides a chronicle of events associated with the PEIR (1871-1918), based mainly on detailed newspaper accounts of the day. (pb) Published by author, 2001, pp250, large format, isbn 0 9687204 0 4. VG £70 Scarce

Hand, Victor & Edmonson, Harold. Trains. Steam and diesel locomotives in action around the world. Illustrated with colour photos. (hb) Treasure Press, 1974, pp80, large format, isbn 0 907407 47 1. VG, VG £1

Hansen, Keith. Last Trains from Lindsay. Signed copy - scarce. This book is about the CNR and CPR lines that once served the town of Lindsay and focuses mainly on the period from the late steam era onward. Profusely illustrated with photographs, maps and track diagrams, air photos and other documents. (hb) Sandy Flats Publications, 2000, pp482, large format, isbn 0 9681215 0 0. F, VG £95 scarce

Hendy, Anne-Marie. American Railroad Stock Certificates. The book considers the certificates of 150 companies and is felt to be the authoritative work on the subject. Stanley Gibbons, 1980, pp168, isbn 0 85259 296 5. VG, G (some edge wear and repaired tear to top of dust jacket) price clipped £6.95

Hollingsworth, Brian. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Steam Passenger Locomotives. A well illustrated and highly detailed directory of steam locomotives. (hb) Tiger Books, 1982, pp208, large format, isbn 1 85501 030 5. VG, VG £1

Hollingsworth, Brian & Cook, Arthur. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Modern Locomotives. A technical directory of major international diesel, electric and gas-turbine locomotives from 1879 to the present day. A well illustrated and highly detailed directory of steam, electric and diesel locomotives. (hb) Salamander, 1983, pp208, large format, isbn 0 86101 1767. V G, VG £1

Hudson, John W II & Hudson, Suzanne C. Scenes Along the Rails. Volume 1: The Anthracite Region of Pennsylvania Part 1. A comprehensive study of some of the 'hard' coal field lines of Pennsylvania. Many b/w photographs accompany a detailed text. (hb) Depot Square Publishing, 1996, pp108, large format, isbn 0 9651364 1 8.   F, VG    £12  

Jackson, David (consultant editor). A Guide to Trains. The World's Greatest Trains, Tacks & Travels. Graeme Carter, Colin Garratt, David Jackson, Howard Johnston, William D. Middleton, Karl Zimmermann. Well illustrated history/look at railways old and new, with sections on preservation and great rail journeys. (pb) Fog City Press, 2006, pp256, large format, isbn 1 740893 32 8. F £4.00

Johnson, Lou. World Steam Since 1980. In more than 150 colour photographs we have a study of operational steam across the world as it existed in 1989. WHS/Silver Link, 1989, pp120, large format. VG, VG £4.95

Lambert, Anthony J. The Gatefold Book of the World's Great Steam locomotives. 36 Superb Pull-out Gatefolds. Short history and technical data of each loco and lovely very large colour pull outs. (hb spiral bound) Brown Books, 1997, pp36, large format, isbn 1 897884 28 1. VG £3

Lorie, Peter & Garratt, Colin. Ironhorse. Steam Trains of the World. A lovinglyproduced colour work taking in China, Greece, Syria, France, Italy, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and many other locations. Dolphin Doubleday, 1987, pp256, large landscape format. F, VG £6.00

McCarthy, Shane. Impressions of Steam. With photographs by Robert Belzer, Robert Carlisle, Ken Macleay, Ted Payne and Arthur Wills. Beautiful b/w steam images from Australia and New Zealand in the 1960s and early 1970s covering main line and industrial locations. The quality of the images rival those of Gifford. Angus and Robertson Publishers, 1975, pp128, large format. VG, no dust jacket. £6.95

Martin, Albro. Railroads Triumphant. The Growth, Rejection & Rebirth of a Vital American Force. A comprehensive study of the origin, development and impact of the American Railroad. Oxford University Press, 1992, pp428, isbn 0 19 503853 3. VG, VG £5.95

Mika, Nick & Helma. Railways of Canada. A Pictorial History. Well illustrated history. (pb) McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd., 1978, pp176, large format, isbn 0 07 082815 6. V G £2

Nock, O.S. Railways at the Turn of the Century 1895-1905. Illustrated by Clifford and Wendy Meadway. Railways of the world in Colour. A detailed small work which looks at key UK and world locomotive and rolling stock developments during this period. Blandford Press, 1969, pp196, 192 colour illustrations. VG, VG price clipped £2.00

Nock, O.S. Underground Railways of the World. The first part of this book concentrates on the development of the London Underground, then goes on to include Paris metro, New York system, Madrid Metro, Moscow Metro, San Francisco, Canadian Subways and European development in general. Illustrated with over 180 photos and drawings. (hb) Adam & Charles Black, 1974, pp288, isbn 0 7136 1304 1. VG, VG price clipped £5

Plomer, James with Alan R. Capon. Desperate Venture. Central Ontario Railway. A well illustrated absorbing account of the rise and eventual decline of the Central Ontario Railway. (hb) Mika Publishing, 1979, pp221, large format, isbn 0 919303 358. VG, VG £1

Prigmore, B.J. On Rails under Paris. A detailed historical work with numerous tables and photographs. (glossy card cover) Light Railway Transport League, 1970, pp76, isbn 0 900433 35 3. VG £3.95

Protheroe, Ernest. The Railways of the World. An interesting work from the pre grouping era.. George Routledge & Sons, pp752, 16 colour plates, 419 illustrations. P, red cloth cover with gold illustration on front. (book appears complete but has lose pages and spine damage) £4.00

Ransome-Wallis, P. On Railways At Home and Abroad. Here the author describes some of his railway experiences in Britain, Europe, Africa and North America. (hb) Spring Books, 1951, pp300. VG for age £1

Reed, Brian. Railway Engines of the World. Well illustrated look at some of the world's locomotives. (hb) Oxford University Press, 1935, pp159. VG, G (wear to dust jacket) £4

Savio, Tom & Lambert, Anthony. Extraordinary Railway Journeys. Brilliant colour photographs paint a vivid picture of 24 journeys, covering Europe, the Far East, Australia, The Americas, and South Africa. New Holland Publishers, 2004, pp160, large format, isbn 1 84330 597 6. F, VG £4.95

Shaw, Frederic. Little Railways of the World. A seldom seen USA work, which looks in significant detail at the miniature lines within the USA, Europe, UK and Asia. Howell-North, 1958, pp261, 14 maps, 9 drawings, 225 photographs. VG, G £5.95

Smith, A.W. & Bourne, D.E. Spirit of Steam. Locomotives in South Africa. Complemented by 156 colour photos, this captures the essence of South African railways. (hb) Temple Press, 1983, pp139, large format, isbn 0 600 35068 1. VG, VG (repaired tear to dust jacket) £5.95

Stitt, Herbert. I Remember. The steam era comes alive through the memories of the author, as he traces his life from childhood experiences in Ireland and Toronto, through the anguish of World War 1 at the frontline, to 47 years with the Canadian Pacific Railway. (pb) McBain Publications, 1983, pp102, isbn 0 9691607 0 4. G (some wear to cover) £1

The Complete History of North American Railways.   This book covers the whole 150 year history of the worlds most formidable transport system, from the pioneering days of the last century to the age of Amtrak and Conrail, with special chapters covering the individual railroads and the major steam locomotives.   (hb) Regency House Publ;ishing Ltd., 1996, pp352, very large format, isbn 1 85361 449 1.   VG, VG    £5

Theroux, Paul & McCurry, Steve. The Imperial way. Making Tracks from Peshawar to Chittagong. This book takes us on a journey from Pakistan, through India to Bangladesh, with colour photos from Steve McCurry of the people, countries and railways. (hb) BCA/Hamish Hamilton, 1985, pp143. VG, VG £3

Turner, Robert D. Steam on the Kettle Valley. A railway heritage remembered. Well illustrated account of this railway, with recollections of Kettle Valley railroaders recalling the railway as it was. (pb) Sono Nis Press, 2000, pp120, isbn 1 55039 063 5. VG £9

Van Metre, T.W. Trains, Tracks and Travel. Written by a professor of transportation at Columbia University, this is an authoritative work on the development of traction in the USA, rolling stock, Streamliners, passenger stations and terminals, and freight depots. Simmons-Boardman Publishing, 6thedition, 1943, pp417. G, no dust jacket (blue cloth cover worn at spine edges and inscription on front page)   £2  

Watson, Ron. Keep 'em rolling. The story of Toronto's Spadina Roundhouse. B/w photo album which is complimented with a brief history of the Grand Trunk and Canadian National facilities at Spadina as they evolved over the years. (hb) The Boston Mills Press, 1984, pp143, large format, isbn 0 919822 630. V G, VG £12

Weitzman, David. Superpower. The Making of a Steam Locomotive. Superpower chronicles the building of a steam locomotive in meticulous detail. This chronicles the building of a steam locomotive in meticulous detail, illustrated with many drawings. It is based on oral histories of Lima's workers and their families. (hb) David R. Godine, 1987, pp107, large landscape format, isbn 0 87923 671 X. VG, G £10

Whitaker, Rogers E.M. & Hiss, Anthony. All Aboard with E.M. Frimbo. World's Greatest Railroad Traveller. With additional Works of engineering by Barbara Vroom and Brendan Gill, and illustrations by Mark Livingston.  A biography of a well known and respected American enthusiast.  (hb) Andre Deutsch, 1975, pp235, isbn 0 233 96728 1.   VG, VG price clipped    £2

Whitehouse, P.B., Snell, J.B. & Hollingsworth, J.B.   Steam for Pleasure. A thoroughly researched international guide illustrated with b/w and colour photos. (hb) Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1978, pp240, isbn 0 7100 8736 5.  VG, VG   £2 

Whitehouse, Patrick. Steam Railways of the World. Well illustrated look at steam trains and journeys across the world. (hb) Chancellor Press, 1992, pp256, large format, isbn 1 85152 173 9. VG, VG £1

Withuhn, William L. The Spirit of Steam. The Golden Age of North American Steam. Stunning b/w photographs from North America capture the absolute power and diversity of the North American railroads. A glimpse into another world. Salamander Books, 1995, pp144, large format. £5.95 F, VG

Yonge, J. R. & Frankis, G.  Transport in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  Quail Map Co., Transport Series No. 3.  Rail and bus routes complete with maps and photographs covering the Grand Duchy.  (pb)  Quail Map Co., 1966, pp18.    G+   50p

Ziel, Ron & Eagleson, Mike. The Twilight of World Steam. A definitive and masterful record of the end of an era - the passing of the steam locomotive around the world. A stunning selection of over 300 b/w photographs taken from around the world. This work shows just how much we have lost over the last 30 years. Hamlyn, 1975, pp304, large format. VG, G (several repaired tears to dust jacket) £5.95

Ziel, Ron & Eagleson, Mike. The Twilight of World Steam. A definitive and masterful record of the end of an era - the passing of the steam locomotive around the world. Over 550 action phots, 22 in full colour. (hb) Madison Square Press, 1978, pp304, large format, isbn 0 448 02432 2. VG, VG £3