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A4 Locomotive Society Limited. 4498 'Sir Nigel Gresley' on 'Steam Safari' London to Newcastle/Carlisle.   Commemorative brochure.   (pb) A4 Locomotive Society, pp8 + pull out route plan.   VG   50p 

Barrett Jenkins, A (compiled by). Memories of the Southwold Railway. A delightful short history of this much lamented Suffolk line, complete with photographs. (glossy card cover) M. & H. Cooper of Southwold, 7thedition 1983, pp33.   VG    £4  

Bloom, Alan. Compiled by David Williams. Jarrold Railway Series 4 Locomotives of the London and North Eastern Railway. A short photographic and technical study of the primary classes. (glossy card cover) Jarrold Colour Publications, 1980, unpaginated, isbn 85306 920 4. VG £0.50

Body, Geoffrey. Britain's Rail Routes Past and Present. The East Coast Main Line. King's Cross to Newcastle: the route of the 'Silver Jubilee'. 2509 Silver Link 60th Anniversary 1935-1995 - The Silver Jubilee. Principal photographer Brian Morrison. Foreword by Brian Bursdall. 300 b/w photos most by Brian Morrison, the authoritative text and captions are supported by fascinating items of ephemera and specially drawn maps giving 'then and now' details of the entire route, combining to paint a portrait of the evolution of one of Britain's premier rail route over six decades. (hb) Silver Link Publishing, 1995, pp192, large format, isbn 1 85794 052 0. VG, VG (some edge wear to top of dust jacket) £8

Bradley, R.P. LNER 4-6-0s. A thorough study of the LNERs 4-6-0s covering 17 types, illustrated with b/w photos and scale drawings. (hb) David & Charles, 1988, pp96, isbn 0 7153 8895 9. VG, VG £5

Brooksbank, B.W.L. Triumph and Beyond. The ECML 1939-1959. Part One. History of the ECML during the War, in its aftermath and early years of nationalisation. Illustrated with many b/w photos. (hb) Challenger, 1997, pp184, large format glazed boards, isbn 1 899624 21 X. F £8

Brown, F.A.S. Great Northern Locomotive Engineers. Volume one: 1846 - 1881. This is the authoritative, 1966 volume on the critical period of locomotive development on the Great Northern Railway. (hb) George Allen & Unwin. 1966, pp252. VG, VG £5

Brown, F.A.S.   Great Northern Locomotive Engineers. Volume One 1846 - 1881.   (hb) George Allen & Unwin, 1966, pp252. VG some slight foxing, no dust jacket   £3

Casserley, H.C. LNER Locomotives 1923-1948. B/w photo album with detailed captions of the many LNER locomotives in service. (hb) Bradford Barton, 1977, pp96, isbn 0 85153 298 5. VG, VG price clipped £5

Clay, John F. & Cliffe, J. The LNER 2-6-0 Classes. (hb) Ian Allan, 1978, pp80, isbn 0 7110 0844 2. VG, no dust jacket     £3

Connor, J.E. A Short History of The 'N7' Class of Locomotive. Scarce. Illustrated with b/w photos. (card cover) Connor & Butler on behalf of the East Anglian Railway Museum, pp12, isbn 0 947699 14 7. VG £15 Scarce.

Dow, George. Great Central, Volume One. The Progenitors, 1813 - 1863. The first volume by George Dow sets the context for the origin of GCR. This includes details on the major civil engineering work (Woodhead tunnel) and the enormous changes that took place in the 1850s and 1860s. Also comes with a letter from the author and signed. (hb) Locomotive Publishing Co. Ltd., 1959, pp298 + pull out map. VG, no dust jacket (stamped soiled copy in front of book but not obvious why) £35 signed copy

Dow, George.Great Central. Volume 2 Dominion of Watkin 1864 - 1899. George Dow was the acknowledged expert on all things Great Central and this exceptional work is testament to this. Well illustrated with numerous photographs, tables and diagrams. (hb) Ian Allan, 1967, pp422 + pull out map. VG, no dust jacket (small knock to corner of cover - stamped soiled copy in front of book but not obvious why) £39 signed copy

Dow, George. Great Central. Volume 3 Fay Sets The Pace 1900 - 1922. The final volume covers the company's rise as a major trunk route and the many designs and innovations that were introduced by Sam Fay. An exceptional work by the GCR master. (hb) Ian Allan, 2nd impression 1971, pp440 + pull out map, isbn 0 7110 0263 0. VG, VG price clipped £29

All 3 vols above sold together for £95

Groves, N. Great Northern Locomotive History. Volume 1 - 1847-66. An exceptionally detailed and well illustrated study of the early period. (hb) RCTS, 1986, pp123, 124 figs, glazed boards, isbn 0 801115 61 4. VG £7.50

Groves, N. Great Northern Locomotive History. Volume 3a - 1896-1911 The Ivatt Era. A very detailed work which contains data of origin, dimensions, construction and withdrawal dates. (hb) RCTS, 1990, pp235, 198 figs, glazed boards, isbn 0 801115 69 X. G+ (some foxing to front/back few pages) £7.50

Hallas, Christine. The Wensleydale Railway. A history of this 22 mile line, between Garsdale and Leyburn from it inception to the late 1980s. Through archive images and social/traffic data a vivid and interesting story is told. (glossy card cover) Leading Edge, 1991, pp96, isbn 0 948135 26 3. F £4.75

Hallas, C.S. The Wensleydale Railway. Short history of the line, looking at the building of the railway, architecture, passenger and goods traffic. (pb) Dalesman, 1984, pp72, isbn 0 85206 780 1. G + (some slight binding damage) £2

Harris, Michael. Gresley's Coaches. Coaches Built for GNR, ECJS and LNER 1905-53. Comprehensive study with b/w photos and detailed tables giving dimensions, numbers etc. (hb) David & Charles, 1973, pp160, isbn 0 7153 5935 5. VG, VG £16

Harris, Nigel (edited by). LNER Reflections. A collection of photographs from The Hulton Picture Company. This covers all facets of the activities of the LNER and its component companies. B/w photos with very detailed captions. (hb) Silver Link Publishing, 2nd edition 1987, large format, isbn 0 947971 03 3. VG, VG (inscription) price clipped £5

Hawkins, Mac. The Great Central Then and Now. 156 locations with b/w photos with very detailed captions. Also contains a 16 page colour section. (hb) BCA/David & Charles, 1992, pp224, large format. F, VG £7.00

Hoole, K. North Road Locomotive Works Darlington 1863 - 1966.   (hb) Roundhouse, 1967, pp102. VG some foxing, no dust jacket   £7

Hurst, Geoffrey. Miles and Chains 1 Eastern. Covers all passenger and freight lines across the region. (pb) Milepost Publications, 2ndedition 1983, pp72, isbn 0 9507577 5 6.   G+ (some neat underlining)    50p 

Main Line Steam - A Guide to the Great Central Railway.Informative guide to the GCR with much more. Section on how a steam locomotive works, diagram with wheel arrangements, b/w photos, maps and Loughborough Central Station layout plan. (glossy card cover) Great Central Railway Company, 1978, pp24, large landscape format. VG £2

Moore, R.F. Paddy Waddell's Railway. Study of this near forgotten moorland line from Brotton, near Slatburn to Glaisdale in the Esk Valley. (card cover) Whitby Literary & Philosophical Society in conjunction with the NYMR, 1973, pp56, pull out map. VG (large inscription on inside front cover) £4

Morrison, Brian. The Power of the A4s. A peon of praise to possibly the most loved class of LNER locomotives. Oxford Publishing Co., 1987, 218 b/w plates, large format, 0 86093 032 7. VG, VG £6

Morrison, Brian. The Power of the A4s. Power Series. The 218 b/w photographs with detailed captions, are a pictorial tribute to these iconic locomotives. (hb) Oxford Publishing Co., 1984, 218 b/w plates, large format, isbn 0 86093 032 7. VG, VG £6

Morrison, Gavin. The Power of the A1s. Power series. A splendid pictorial tribute to the 50 original class members. Oxford Publishing Co., 2000, unpaginated, large format, isbn 0 86093 552 3. VG, VG (book marked slightly damaged in transit which has resulted in a few creases to front of dust dusted, and some of the pages have marks on them where the pages have stuck together) £4.00

Morrison, Gavin. The Power of the A3s. Power Series. 250 b/w photos with detailed captions portraying each of the class. Also contains build, re-numberings, liveries, allocations and withdrawal details of each. (hb) Oxford Publishing Co., 2002, pp112, large format, isbn 0 86093 573 6. VG, VG £12

Nock, O.S. (edited by). Great Northern: Pre-Grouping Railway Scene No 2. Across six well illustrated chapters, Nock shows the great legacy that the LNER owed to the GNR. (hb) Ian Allan, 1979, pp96, isbn 0 7110 0916 3. VG, VG £3

Paar, Harry & Gray, Adrian. The Life and Times of the Great Eastern Railway 1839-1922. Illustrated with sketches, plans and b/w photos. (hb) Castlemead Publications, 1991, pp116, large landscape format, isbn 0 948555 26 2. F, VG £11.99

Parkes, G.D. The Hull & Barnsley Railway. The Oakwood Library of Railway History 3. A delightful early work with detailed text and archive photographs. (pb) Oakwood Press, 1948, pp25. VG £7.95

Pegler, Alan, Allen, Cecil J, Bailey, Trevor & Edmonson, Harold. Flying Scotsman. The story of the Flying Scotsman leading up the late 1960s. Ian Allan, 1970, pp80, glazed boards. VG (covered inscription on front blank page) £2.25

Phillips, Charles. The Great Eastern Since 1900. A rather uncommon album with a detailed text showing the major motive power and structural changeson the old GER. Ian Allan, 1985, pp96, glazed boards, isbn 0 7110 1402 7. VG £6.95

Rhodes, John. The Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway. This book is in 2 parts, the first is a short history and development of the line. The 2nd is a tour along the western section from Little Bytham to South Lynn. Contains many b/w photos and station diagrams. Ian Allan, 1982, pp128, isbn 0 7110 1145 1. VG, VG (some sunning to spine edge) £8.95

Rolt, L.T.C. Patrick Stirling's Locomotives. A rather rare work by Rolt which considers the enormous impact that Stirling had upon locomotive development. (hb) Hamish Hamilton Ltd., 1964, pp64. VG, G (some foxing to front/back blank pages, covered inscription on front blank page, repairs to dust jacket) £2

Rolt, L.T.C. The Making of a Railway. Photographed by S.W.A. Newton. These photographs chart the building of the GCR and are little short of splendid. Alan Sutton, 1990, pp154. F, F £7.25

Semmens, Peter. Speed on the East Coast Main Line. A century and a half of accelerated services. (hb) Patrick Stephens Ltd., 1990, pp248, isbn 0 85059 930 X. VG ex-library copy with usual stamps 50p 


Smith, Martin. The Gresley Legacy. A Celebration of Innovation. Steam Classic Guide. Packed with data, detail and photos, this looks at Sir Nigel Gresley who will be always be remembered for his Pacific designs but was also responsible for some of steam's boldest experiments. (pb) Argus Books, 1992, pp142, isbn 1 85486 079 8. VG £3.00

Suggitt, Gordon. Lost Railways of North & East Yorkshire. Archive and modern photographs, along with 10 maps show the vast variety of lines that used to serve the area. (pb) Countryside Books, 2006, pp159, isbn 1 85306 918 3. VG £4.00

The Great Central Railway. Original Plan, photographically reduced covering the track from Loughborough to Leicester, including Nottingham Victoria Station. Limited edition of 250 books - this being number 102. Very Scarce Publication. Published by the Main Line Steam Trust in 1976 this is a very large format card cover book ( 38 cm x 45 cm) is in very good condition and contained in this folio there are 7 double page colour plans. A great collectors item for the Great Central enthusiast. £70.00 Very Scarce

Townend, P.N. The LNER Pacifics. The Colour of Steam Vol. 4. Colour photo album with very detailed captions.   (pb) Atlantic, 1985, unpaginated, isbn 0 906899 14 1.   VG   £1 

Townend, P.N. Top Shed.   The author was himself in charge of the depot from 1956 onwards and this account is well illustrated. (hb) Ian Allan, 2nd edition 1989, pp160, isbn 0 7110 1827 8.  VG, VG       £5 


Tufnell, R.M. Gresley Pacifics. Super Profile.    (hb) Haynes/Foulis, 1985, pp56, large format glazed boards, isbn 0 85429 429 5. VG   £1

Whiteley, J.S. & Morrison, G.W. Profile of the A4s. Profile Series. B/w photo album with very detailed captions. (hb) Oxford Publishing Co., 1985, 216 b/w plates, large format glazed boards, isbn 0 86093 354 7. Vg £7

Willingham, Edward P. From Construction to Destruction. An Authentic History of the Colne Valley and Halstead Railway. Scarce book. Comprehensive history, illustrated with photos, plans, timetables and photocopy of Rules & Regulations book of April 1860. (pb) Halstead and District Local History Society, 1989, pp256, large format, isbn 0 9513106 2 3. VG £15.00

Wright, A. The North Sunderland Railway. Locomotion Papers No. 36. Short history, illustrated with b/w photos and scale drawings. (card cover) Oakwood, 1967, pp48. VG £6

Wright, A. The North Sunderland Railway. Locomotion Papers No. 36. Second enlarged edition of this Oakwood history, illustrated with b/w photos, maps, station plans and scale drawings. (pb) Oakwood, 1988, pp94, isbn 0 85361 335 4. VG £15

Wrottesley, A.J. The Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway.   (hb) David & Charles, 1970, pp221, isbn 0 7153 4340 8. VG, no dust jacket   £4

Wrottesley, John. The Great Northern Railway. Volume 1 - Origins and Development. Comprehensive history of the GNR with 36 monochrome illustrations and 7 maps. (hb) Batsford, 1979, pp256, isbn 0 7134 1590 8. VG, VG price clipped £10.00

Wrottesley, John. The Great Northern Railway. Volume 11 - Expansion & Competition. Second volume of this 3 part comprehensive history of the GNR with 35 b/w photos, 16 line illustrations and 3 maps. (hb) Batsford, 1979, pp201, isbn 0 7134 1592 4. VG, VG price clipped £10.00