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A Car Called Constance. The History of the Gilbert Cars from the days of the South Eastern Railway to those of the Southern Railway.   Illustrated with b/w photos and drawings.   (pb) South Eastern & Chatham Railway Society in association with the Historical Model Railway Society, 2007, pp44, large format, isbn 978 0 902835 23 8.   VG   £10 scarce 

Antell, Robert. Southern Country Stations: 1. London & South Western Railway.   Well illustrated study of LSWR station architecture.     (hb) Ian Allan, 1984, pp128, isbn 0 7110 1420 5.   VG, VG   £8

Bird, John H. Southern Steam Specials 1966/7. 20th Anniversary Tribute.   Well illustrated with annex giving month by month details of all rail tours on the SR using SR motive power.   (pb) Kingfisher Railway productions, 1987, pp32, isbn 0 946184 31 3.   VG   50p

Bixley, G., Blackburn, A., Chorley, R & King, M. An Illustrated History of Southern Wagons Volume 4 - The Southern Railway.   (hb) Oxford Publishing Co., 2002, pp160, large format, isbn 0 86093 564 7.   VG, no dust jacket    £7

Bloom, Alan. Compiled by David Williams. Jarrold Railway Series 2 Locomotives of the Southern Railway. A short photographic and technical study of the primary classes. (glossy card cover) Jarrold Colour Publications, 1980, unpaginated, isbn 85306 886 0. VG £0.50

Bradley, D.L. Locomotives of the London Brighton & South Coast Railway. Part 1. Detailed study of the locomotives complete with 143 b/w photos and drawings. (pb) RCTS, June 1969, pp179. VG £12

Bradley, D.L.   The Locomotive History of the South Eastern Railway.   (pb) RCTS, revised edition September 1985, pp226, isbn 0 901115 48 7. VG, slight edge wear to cover   £10

Bradley, D.L. The Locomotive History of the South Eastern & Chatham Railway. A detailed narrative/photographic study which considers Wainwright, Maunsell, loaned locomotives, along with proposed designs. (pb) The Railway Correspondence and Travel Society, April 1980, pp144, isbn 0 901115 49 5. VG £9

Bradley, D.L. The Locomotives of the London Chatham & Dover Railway. A highly detailed book on all classes/types of locomotives used. (card cover) The Railway Correspondence and Travel Society, 1960, pp50, 85 figs. VG £6

Bradley, D.L. The Locomotives of the London Chatham and Dover Railway.   (pb) RCTS, 1960, pp50. VG £4

Bradley, D.L. The Locomotives of the South Eastern & Chatham Railway.    (pb) RCTS, 1961, pp79. G+ some wear to cover   £4

Bradley, D.L. The Locomotives of the South Eastern and Chatham Railway. Detailed study of the locomotives complete with 82 b/w photos and drawings. (pb) RCTS, 1961, pp81. VG £5

Casserley, H. C. & Johnston, S.W. Locomotives at the Grouping. No 1 - Southern Railway. A classified list of all locomotives acquired by the SR in 1923 from the LSWR, SE&CR, LBSCR and a few small companies. Information on the principal dimensions of each class with brief notes on origin are accompanied by numerous photographs. (hb) Ian Allan, 1965 pp60. VG, VG £7

Esau, Mike. Steam into Wessex. B/w photos with detailed captions of steam in the area during the 1950s and 60s. (hb) Ian Allan, 1991, pp112, large format, isbn 0 7110 1998 3. VG, VG £6

Fairclough, Tony & Wills, Alan. More Southern Steam in the West Country. B/w photo album with detailed captions. (hb) Bradford Barton, 1975, pp96, isbn 0 85153 186 5. VG, VG £3

Garratt, Colin on the work of The Rev. A.W.V. Mace. The Golden Years of British Steam Trains -Southern Railway. B/w photos with captions of main line and branch photographs from the Rev. A W V Mace collection. (hb) Milepost, 1995, unpaginated, large format glazed boards, isbn 1 900193 35 3. VG £1

Garrett, Dan.   The Dover Mails. James Cudworth's 2-2-2 Express Locomotives for the SER. Well illustrated study with many scale drawings and photos.   (pb) South Eastern & Chatham Railway Society, 2014, pp46, large format.   VG    £5 scarce 

Gough, Terry. Around the Branch Lines No. 1 Southern. B/w photo album containing 178 photos with detailed captions, taken during the final years of steam on the region. (hb) Oxford Publishing Co., 1982, 178 plates, large format, isnm 0 86093 159 5. V G, VG £7

Harding, Peter A. The Bexhill West Branch Line. Short illustrated history of this 4 ½ mile railway from Crowhurst to Bexhill via Sidley which opened in 1902 and closed in1964. (pb) Published by author, 2002, pp32, isbn 0 9523458 6 2. VG £4

Harding, Peter A. The Bulford Branch Line. A detailed short history, complete with photographs and diagrams. (card cover) Publsihed by author, 1991, pp32, isbn 0 9509414 7 6. VG £3

Harding, Peter A. The Longparish Branch. A short, well illustrated history. (card cover) Published by author, 1992, pp32, isbn 0 9509414 8 4. F £3

Haresnape, Brian. Bullied Locomotives. A Pictorial History.   (hb) Ian Allan, 1977, pp112, isbn 0 7110 0794 2. VG, no dust jacket   £3

Haresnape, Brian. Maunsell Locomotives. A Pictorial History. (hb) Ian Allan, 1983, pp128, isbn 0 7110 0743 8. VG, no dust jacket   £3

Jenkins, Alun. Along South Eastern Lines. Photo album with very detailed captions which sets out to "record the fine achievements of the railway". (pb) Kent County Library, 1986, pp61, isbn 0 905 15576 9. VG £4.00

Jewell, Brian. Down the Line to Hastings. The author has used contemporary records, photographs, documents and timetables to recreate the atmosphere of the line between London and Hastings via Tunbridge Wells.   (hb) Baton Press, 1984, pp150, isbn 0 85936 223 X.    VG, VG   £1

Kichenside, G M. Isle of Wight Album. A lovely album that covers the entirety of the island. Highly recommended. Ian Allan, 1967, pp96. VG, VG (small amount of edge rubbing to top of dust jacket) Signed by author. £7.95

Kidner, R.W.  The Railways of Purbeck.  Locomotion Papers No. 68.  A thorough study of the 'main line' and many industrial lines that covered the Isle of Purbeck.    (card cover)  Oakwood Press, 1973, pp47.  VG   £3.50   

Kidner, R.W. The Southern Railway. Oakwood Library of Railway History 56. (hb) Oakwood Press, 1958, pp52, stiff boards. VG slight foxing   £4

Leigh-Bennett, E.P.   Over the Points. A Quarterly Review of matters concerning the Southern railway. September 1932.   (pb) Sothern Railway Company, 1932, pp20.   VG £10 scarce 

London and South Western Railway Timetables 7th June to 30th September 1914 or until further notice. Reprint of these LSWR timetables for 1914 with large pull out map. (pb) Ian Allan, 1967, pp170, large format. VG (some wear to cover) £6

McDonald, Ian. Taw Valley From Dream to Steam. A comprehensive study of this much loved Southern locomotive from its building through to withdrawal, rescue, restoration and main line running. Many photographs and tables. (pb) Midland Publishing Limited, 1993, pp72, large format, isbn 1 85780 011 7. VG £3.95

Marx, Klaus. Famous Fenchurch 1872-1972 A Century of Service. A short detailed history of this locomotive, illustrated with b/w photographs. (glossy card cover) Bluebell Railway Preservation Society, 1972, pp34. VG £3.50

Nock, O.S. The South Eastern and Chatham Railway. Detailed history of this railway with b/w photos and colour frontis. (hb) Ian Allan, 1961, pp198, colour frontis. VG, no dust jacket £6

Pomeroy, Colin A. Isle of Wight Railways. A 'then and now' pictorial survey. An excellent work which looks at every line on the Island. Ryde-Ventnor and the Bembridge branch; Cowes to Newport/Ashey; Newport to Freshwater; Newport to Sandown and Merstone to Ventnor West. A seldom seen work in exceptional condition. Silver Link Publishing, 1991, pp192. F, no dust jacket £7.95

Popplewell, Laurence. Branch Lines, Links and Local Connections. The South Western Company's Proposed Bournemouth Central Passenger Station. Short study with appendix of newspapers cuttings from the 1880s. (card cover) Melledgen Press, 1985, pp42, isbn 0 906637 08 2. VG £2

Railways South East. Winter 1990/1. Volume 2 No. 3. Edited by David Jenkinson. Contents include Railway Memories of Docklands, Brighton Freight Line, The Merchant Navy Class, Dover's Promenade Railway and much more. (pb) 1990, pp58, large format. VG £0.50

Reade, Lewis. Branch Line memories vol 3 - Southern. B/w photos with detailed captions from across the region. (pb) Atlantic, 1984, pp48, isbn 0 906899 10 9. VG 50p

Stephenson Locomotive Society. Bullied Pacifics of the Southern Railway. Commemorative brochure produced upon the occasion of the 'Southern Pacifics' tour from Birmingham on 23rd May 1965, to Oxford, Salisbury, Exeter Central and Westbury. Organised by the Stephenson Locomotive Society (Midland Area).   (pb) Stepehnson Locomotive Society, 1965, pp15.   VG 50p 

Thomas, David St John & Whitehouse, Patrick. SR 150. A Century and a half of The Southern Railway. A great look at the SR in the period between 1923 and 1948. Guild Publishing/David & Charles, 1988, pp208, large format VG, VG £4

Thomas, David St John & Whitehouse, Patrick. SR 150. A Century and a half of The Southern Railway. A great look at the SR in the period between 1923 and 1948. Well illustrated. (hb) David & Charles, 1991, pp208, large format, isbn 0 7153 9148 8. VG, VG £4

Thomas, David St John & Whitehouse, Patrick. SR 150. A Century and a half of The Southern Railway. A great look at the SR in the period between 1923 and 1948. Guild Publishing/David & Charles, 1988, pp208, large format. F, no dust jacket £3

Townroe, S.C. The Arthurs, Nelsons and Schools of the Southern. This looks at the origin, development and operation of these classes. Illustrated with b/w photos, scale drawings and tables. (hb) Ian Allan, 1973, pp103, isbn 0 7110 0434 X. VG, VG £7

Townroe, S.C. King Arthurs & Lord Nelsons of the S.R. ABC Locomotive Series. Famous locomotive types No. 4.   (pb) Ian Allan, 1949, pp47. G+ some foxing   £1

Webb, Ben. Locomotive Engineers of the Southern Railway and its Constituent Companies. Abc Locomotive Series.   (pb) Ian Allan, 1946, pp87. G+ some foxing   £1

Whetmath, C.F.D. The Bodmin & Wadebridge Railway. Well illustrated history of this railway in Cornwall. (pb) Forge Books, 4th edition reprinted 2003, pp96, isbn 0 904662 20 9. VG (corner crease to front cover) £6.00

Whitehouse, Patrick & Thomas, David St John. The Great Days of the Southern Railway. TYhis volume looking at the Southern Railway and its component companies, illustrated with b/w and colour photographs. (hb) Book Club Associates/David St John Thomas, 1992, pp208, large format. VG, VG £4

Winkworth, D. W. Maunsell's Nelsons. This illustrated work considers the origin, development and performance of this much loved class. (hb) George Allen & Unwin, 1980, pp123, 61 photographs, 18 detailed performance tables, isbn 0 04 385079 0. VG, VG £5.50